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Hello? Is it me you're looking for?Recently I read a post that listed several great apps for phones to keep us all safe.  I had never heard of most of them, so it was pretty interesting to learn that my very own phone has a built-in feature that will text my “SOS list” simply by pressing the power button 3 times.  There’s another one that’s like a “dead-man” switch perfect for walking down scary streets; it calls 911 if you take your finger off the button and don’t disable it with a code in 10 seconds.  And another that lets your family know where you’re going as you wander around a strange town, and when you’ve arrived safely at your destination.  Pretty nice, right?

Take a look here, and see what you think.

Helping seniors move out

Have you ever heard of a senior move manager? I hadn’t, until I read a great article in our local Acorn newspaper. It talks about the problems encountered when one’s aging parents need to move out of their home of many years, especially if they are currently far away from their adult children, making it difficult to get help sorting through things and making difficult choices. Continue Reading…

Is it dementia, or an infection?

Old womanI had no idea that a simple urinary tract infection could mimic dementia symptoms in senior citizens.   A very interesting article in our local Simi Valley Acorn quotes Anna Treinkman, past president of the National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners, who said,

“A sudden change in behavior is one of the best indicators of a urinary tract infection in older adults. Some common warning signs might include confusion or not being able to do tasks the patient could easily do a day or two before. Anytime there’s a change in an older adult—if one day they’re able to dress themselves or feed themselves and then there’s a sudden change—a red flag should go up.”

If you or someone you love is a senior citizen, be sure to read these articles (updated article from Alzeimers.net) .  It could make a big difference in how you and your doctor respond to these symptoms, especially if they come on very suddenly.

Image attribution:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/allegra_ricci/483272086/

Financial Reading Your Teen Won’t Tune Out

School is about to begin.  Before your teen gets too busy, here’s a last minute idea:  Help them learn about personal finance.  I ran across a great article from the Wall Street Journal that will point you in the right direction.  Here’s the link:  Financial Reading Your Teen Won’t Tune Out

Fight Parkinson’s Disease with boxing

Title Boxing Club Newbury ParkIf you or a loved one is living with Parkinson’s Disease, you may want to check out Title Boxing Club in Newbury Park.  This gym is one of many across the country that offers the Boxing Against PD program.  It’s an exciting new way to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s, so please check it out and see what you think.

To learn more, here’s a link to a video from CBS News about the program.