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chronic illness

I just read a great post from last month on the Psychology Today website.  Toni Bernhard, a former law professor who suffers herself from chronic illness, writes a “Not-To-Do List” for caregivers, and it is excellent.  I’ll share the bullet points below, but please read her article to really understand how to take better care… Read More

Thanks to a client of mine, I learned about a great website for people wanting to learn about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It’s called RAwarrior.com , and it is packed with information. Take a look, and let us know what you think… Read More

When a family member or close friend is critcally ill, it is often really difficult to keep others up to date on their situation.  So many people care and want to know how things are going, but don’t want to disturb the family.  The patient and their family often would welcome the prayers, thoughts and… Read More

More Magazine recently published an article entitled “Married, with Illness“.  It is full of examples of how husband and wives cope when one, or both, have a severe chronic illness.  Not surprisingly, this takes a tremendous toll on a marriage.  According to the article, 75% of such marriages end in divorce.  This is especially tragic… Read More

Do these situations sound familiar to you? Sharon has had fibromyalgia for many years, although it was just recently diagnosed. Some days, it’s all she can do to get out of bed Joe was in an auto accident last year. The doctors say his injuries have healed, but his neck and back still hurt every… Read More