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Congratulations on making that first step! We can all find ourselves in situations that cause us problems. This is where you can learn how we can help.

Everyone has times when their best attempts just don't seem to produce results. Working together in therapy, we can find areas of strength, and identify behaviors that cause difficulties. Counseling can help you do more of what works for you, and learn how to change patterns that don't work.

Whether the issue is a problem from the past, or behaviors in the present, you can make the changes necessary to feel better and have healthier relationships .. with others, and with yourself. Counseling can help you make those changes, and help you make them last.

If you are dealing with issues like these, we can help:

If you are doing well, but know you can do better, we can help you reach your full potential. We help people grow, individually and in their relationships, to reach their fullest potential in every aspect of their lives.

Families Counseling has been part of the Simi Valley / Moorpark / Conejo Valley community since 1984.  We work with couples, families, and individuals of all ages, including children and teens. 

Our offices are comfortable and conveniently located. Our therapists are available for daytime, evening and weekend appointments, and represent a wide range of specialty areas. 

Several of our therapists are on various insurance panels, such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Motion Picture, Aetna and others.  All of our therapists can help you get reimbursed from your PPO medical insurance. Weekend appointments available.

I'm Deborah Tucker, and the owner of Families Counseling. My commitment is to help every person who calls find the right therapist for them, either in our office, or in the Simi Valley / Moorpark / Thousand Oaks / Conejo Valley area. When you're ready, please call me at 805-583-3976, and I'll return your call as promptly as possible, usually the same day.

What to expect at our first session

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