Therapists formerly at Families Counseling

Therapists formerly practicing at Families Counseling

(see below for disclaimer regarding therapists' individual practices)

Jeff Kropp, M.A. 805-583-3976 x 777
Shiro Torquato, Ph.D. 805-527-4146
Maureen Kaye, M.A. 805-428-6655
Judith Golden-Millsap, M.A. 805-297-8033
Nina Wexelman, M.S. 805-494-0041
Kathy Chapel, M.S. 818-324-0119
Maria di Battista, M.A. 818-599-6917

Deborah Tucker, MA, LMFT #17142 has retired, closed her practice, and moved out of the area. She is not currently seeing clients. If you need to reach her for records please see her contact information here.