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Why Can't I Get Over This?     

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We have all experienced both of these types of memories.  For instance, those of us who remember major earthquakes may remember feeling very frightened for awhile, easily startled, avoidant of situations that reminded us of the quake, and easily triggered into anxiety.  Or, you may have been bit by a dog, stuck in an elevator, or experienced any other sort of traumatic event.  If you eventually were able to remember it and think about it as being in the past, then you have experienced the way our brains process this type of situation. 

Therapy, especially trauma techniques like EMDR (elsewhere on this website), can help move this process very quickly under the right circumstances.  If you are experiencing the symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder described above, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how therapy can help.

"I Feel Blue"

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Seek out other people.  A common response to depression is the tendency to isolate.  We all need people, and usually some social interaction can help lift our spirits.  Another great way to fight depression is to help other people.  We all need to be needed, and to help someone else, whether a friend, family member or even a stranger through volunteer work, can make a huge difference.

Improve your personal environment.  When we're feeling down, it's easy to let things go.  Soon, the mess around us can be enough to cause depression itself.  So, even if it's little by little, clean up your personal space.  For starters, make sure you're dressed in something that you like to wear.  Make your bed. After you eat (remember, that's important), clean up the kitchen - very satisfying.  Pick a small area, about 15 minutes worth of work, and clean it up.  All this gets you moving, and movement generally helps.

Change your thinking
.  When we are depressed, we frequently give ourselves all sorts of negative messages.  How we think about ourselves and our circumstances is very powerful.  By paying attention to the "tapes" that we run through our mind, we can focus on changing those messages.  try writing down some of things you find yourself thinking, and then write down a more positive rebuttal message.  Practice giving yourself positive messages instead of negative ones.  You may be surprised at how effective this is.

If after trying as many of these ideas as you can for a week or two, you aren't feeling better, then it may well be time to consult a therapist.  Sometimes we all need the help of someone else to change our patterns, and a professional may be able to help in ways that we can't do for ourselves.  You are worth the time and effort, and the results will be worthwhile too!

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