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14 Ways To Create The Best Relationship Of Your Life

14 Ways to Create the Best Relationship of Your Life

I wish I had written this article , but at least second best is finding it and posting about it.  Dr. Sue Johnson, a world-renowned trainer of couples’ therapists and author of several books, wrote a guest post and gave some wonderful ideas about how to improve your relationship. Her work is based on attachment theory, which is the idea that we are all hard-wired for bonding.  Many times we grow up with what are called “attachment injuries”, and these impact our adult relationships.  The good news is that we can learn to recognize and then heal these injuries, and being in a relationship helps us recognize these injuries pretty quickly.

Her two books for the general public are in our Book Recommendations in the Marriage section, or you can click on the images above.  If you want to learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy, Dr. Sue Johnson’s style of working with couples, here a good place to start.

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