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7 Rules for a More Positive Attitude

❤ Happy Valentine´s Day ❤Life can be difficult, and sometimes we get discouraged. So often, our attitude is the result of how we think and on what we choose to focus. Here are seven rules for having a better attitude.

  1. Wait to Worry.  What were you worried about last year?  Did any of it really happen?  There are a thousand things to worry about, and only one outcome, at worst, is possible for each circumstance.  So train your mind to hold off on worry, especially about things that can’t be fixed right now.
  2. Keep an Attitude of Gratitude.  So easy to say, so basic…yet we all can forget this.  A good practice is to write down three things daily for which you are grateful.
  3. Your Health is Your Wealth.  Even if you had a million dollars, if you lost your health, you know life would be harder.  So allow yourself to take good care of your body, via what you eat and making time for exercise, preferably outdoors.
  4. Joy Boomerangs.  That’s right, it comes back to you.  So practicing “random acts of kindness”, or just being nice whenever you have the chance will make you feel more joyful.
  5. Learn to Say No.  There is a limit to our time, energy and interests.  If we make ourselves too busy, we end up feeling stressed.  Especially in these age of being “over-connected” and over-scheduled, learn to say “let me get back to you” and decide if a request is really a good idea for you at this time.
  6. Understand the Power of Discipline.  The word “discipline” comes from “disciple” or learner.  Allow yourself to be a person who makes time to learn new things, build good habits, and generally use your time well.  Time, like health, is one of those “intangibles” that we can’t buy, at least not directly.  But we can waste it, so take a look at how you spend your time and decide if it is helping your attitude or not.
  7. Surround Yourself with Positive People.  It really helps.  And don’t forget, if your friends are reading this, you want to be one of those positive people yourself.

If you find these “rules for living” helpful, you may enjoy taking a look at the SimpleTruths.com website.  This material came from a video clip on their site.  It’s worth the 3 minutes to take a look!


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