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A New Year, A New Feature

Since it’s a fresh new year, seems like it might be time to add a new feature to our web page. I’ve been mulling over for some time how to be more regular with our newsletter. My goal has been to publish it quarterly, but it never seems to happen. One month leads into the next, and soon it’s been 6 months …. or more!

Our last newsletter was published in November 2007, so I may be a little premature in being concerned. Still, if honesty is the best policy, then I have to predict that the next one may not come out until well past spring. But I still want to share thoughts and resources with those on our mailing list, and others, too.

So, we’ll try a blog. Hopefully writing a few paragraphs about items I run across that seem useful to people interested in emotional, spiritual and physical health is something that I will sit down and do, in the moment, rather than gathering those ideas for a future newsletter.

This is sounding suspiciously like a New Year’s resolution, isn’t it? More on that later. Meanwhile, I’ll state my intention….I plan to share information that individuals, couples and families can use. If you have ideas about what you’d like to see, please send your comments in. And, wish me luck!

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