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Addiction and recovery

When looking for help in Simi Valley for addictions and recovery from addictions, it can help to find specific programs. Below you\’ll see other types of help.

Recently Time Magazine, in its April 11 issue, published a thought-provoking article on the effects viewing pornography can have on sexual performance and desire in young men.  It may not come as a surprise that viewing pornography online can quickly turn into an addiction, and that it an create a very unrealistic and distorted view… Read more

Quite a while back I published a link to a prose poem about relapsing that I’ve heard many times over the years.  Today I was given a link to the same story with a different twist.  I really like it, so here it is — see what you think… Read more

This is a rough time of year for people who suffer from addictions, and for their family members. Here’s a list that can help: Here is a link for AA meetings in Ventura County http://www.aaventuracounty.org/ Here is a link to find or AA meetings anywhere http://www.aa.org/lang/en/central_offices.cfm?origpage=373 Here is a list for Alanon meetings in Ventura… Read more

Do you know about MDPV? It’s the acronym for methylenedioxypyrovalerone or mephedrone.  What’s that?  These are ingredients in legal, easy to buy stimulant hallucinogens that can kill, directly or indirectly. Their street names are “bath salts” or “plant food” because that’s what hey look like, and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) hasn’t gotten around to… Read more

In an interesting editorial in today’s Los Angeles Times, author Katherine Ellison mentioned a couple of tools to help people who are distracted by the lures of the internet while trying to work on their computers. She wrote a book about being a mom diagnosed with ADD, and has recently come to realize that she… Read more

If you are struggling with addiction of any kind, the poem below can be a great help.   Also take a look at our bookstore, for Claudia Black’s book on relapse prevention.  She’s a great author in general for recovery from addiction. AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN FIVE SHORT CHAPTERS by Portia Nelson I I walk down the street… Read more

Recently I’ve come across some great material on video game addiction, and it’s something to make all parents, and some gamers, wonder if the term applies to their situation. I’ve been hearing about video game addiction for quite some time. Most of the families that I’ve worked with have experienced this as a peripheral problem… Read more