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Faith and Christianity

Faith-based counseling, including Christian counseling, is very important to people who want to make sure their therapist shares the same values. All of our counselors are respectful of client values. Several of our counselors offer Christian counseling. Below you’ll see articles related to faith-based therapy, and you can also learn more on the faith-based counseling page on our website.

We are well into the holiday season, past Thanksgiving (which seems forever ago), heading into Christmas. The countdown is on, there’s not enough time, there’s so much to do. But wait, we do want to slow down and enjoy the season, right? But what is the reason for the season? It may really vary, depending… Read more

Eventually in life we learn a few things. The things I’ve needed to learn are typically related to the idea that I’ve often got it backward. For instance , I’ve thought that God was testing me because I was trying to get closer to Him, instead of realizing that He was bringing me closer because… Read more

Finding a counselor whose values are similar to yours is important to everyone.  Many times clients who are Christian would like to see a counselor who shares the same values and beliefs.  Many of the therapists at Families Counseling come from Christian backgrounds, and several identify themselves as Christian counselors (specifically, Deborah Tucker and Shannon… Read more

Today is the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s historic Roe vs. Wade decision.  Regardless of how you feel about the abortion issue, it is important to acknowledge that at least  some women experience symptoms very similar to PTSD.  These symptoms may surface immediately afterwards, or not emerge until years later, perhaps with a triggering… Read more

Once again our local paper, the Ventura County Star, comes through with a great column by Esha Chhabra, entitled “This year, satisfy your soul’s needs”.  Any article that begins with a quote by C.S. Lewis works for me.  See what you think… Read more

Image via Wikipedia You’ve heard the saying “This too shall pass”, but do you know its origin?  Apparently it comes from the Jewish Midrash, a collection of teachings on Scripture.  Here it one version of the story, taken from a sermon.  It begins like this: This story, recorded in the Talmud, speaks, of a ring… Read more

My clients are always more on top of popular books and movies that I am, so I hear about some great ones, but it takes me awhile to get to them. Several clients in the last couple of months have told be about Fireproof. My husband and I finally watched this last night, and we… Read more

I have many clients, especially people who are looking for a counselor, ask if I am a Christian counselor. What I’ve come to learn is that this term can mean different things to different people. What I’d like to address here is some of the meanings of the term “Christian counselor”, why even people who… Read more