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Life can be difficult, and sometimes we get discouraged. So often, our attitude is the result of how we think and on what we choose to focus. Here are seven rules for having a better attitude. Wait to Worry.  What were you worried about last year?  Did any of it really happen?  There are a… Read more

If you or a loved one is living with Parkinson’s Disease, you may want to check out Title Boxing Club in Newbury Park.  This gym is one of many across the country that offers the Boxing Against PD program.  It’s an exciting new way to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s, so please check it out… Read more

A couple of weeks ago our local paper the Simi Valley Acorn ran a great article on the symptoms of concussion.  As school starts up, it is so important to recognize these, especially if your child takes part in contact sports like football and soccer… Read more

It is definitely not fun to cope with chronic pain.  It’s not fun to hurt all the the time, and it’s also not fun to have devote a significant part of your day to try to prevent it, minimize it, or stop it from getting worse.  Many of my clients with chronic pain say they… Read more

Whenever you eat chicken or beef, you’re probably also eating a side order of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Learn how to protect yourself by reading this great article first published in MORE magazine in March 2015 Source: Superbugs In Your Supper | MORE Magazine… Read more

Many people have a fear of dentists.  Anxiety about dental visits is extremely common, and may be related to having had a bad experience as a child, a painful experience as an adult, or having a very sensitive nervous system that translates mild discomfort into pain.  If you believe that you have symptoms of dental… Read more

More Magazine, always interesting, has an important article describing the results of several studies on the long-lasting effects of past domestic violence.  According to one survey, a shocking 81% of women who said they had experienced abuse have a chronic illness versus 61% of women who said they had never experienced abuse.  Those of us… Read more

I finally had a wonderfully relaxing Friday at home for the first time in a while, and it sure made a difference.  I feel more relaxed, I actually got things done, but I didn’t rush.  This is is one of things I wish I had learned when my kids were little, and even more so… Read more

The April 2013 issue of Psychology Today (so new I can’t yet find a link to it) had a great article on how to break old habits by doing something different, written by Thomas Plante.  If someone finds the link, please comment below and I will add it.  It’s such a good article that I… Read more

I have lots of opportunities to talk to clients and other about how to eat in a healthy way. I always end up recommending checking out the Zone way of eating. It’s been around for many years, and is quite similar to what doctors recommend for people battling diabetes. For many people, it really helps… Read more

Thanks to a client of mine, I learned about a great website for people wanting to learn about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It’s called RAwarrior.com , and it is packed with information. Take a look, and let us know what you think… Read more

When a family member or close friend is critcally ill, it is often really difficult to keep others up to date on their situation.  So many people care and want to know how things are going, but don’t want to disturb the family.  The patient and their family often would welcome the prayers, thoughts and… Read more

I recently read about a great website that is sure to catch on in popularity. It’s called HealthyDiningFinder.com , and it’s a new bookmark on my phone! It’s a handy site. You punch in your zip code, and up pops a long list of local restaurants, with an immediate menu suggestion of what to eat… Read more

This is really short notice, but I just received a flyer on the first annual Life After Brain Injury Human Services Fair.  You can see a flyer at their website.  It looks like something very exciting — hope you can make it if this is of interest to you. It takes place Saturday, March 27… Read more

By Shiro Perera Torquato, Ph.D. Surgical weight loss is an important decision that many people make to improve their health, appearance and self-esteem.  After years of trying endless diets with little success you may have considered this as an option for yourself.  Bariatric surgery, such as Gastric by-pass surgery or Lap-Band surgery are two of… Read more

There are many reputable surgeons who perform lap band surgery, for people who have not had success with other weight loss methods, and whose weight is impacting their health.  A part of the screening process is a psychological evaluation. In today’s LA Times Business section, there is an interesting article about the 1-800-GETSLIM clinic (or… Read more

  As a therapist, I have found that one of the best-kept secrets in marriage is …. how many couples in the 40’s and upward end up needing to sleep apart, at least some of the time, due to snoring.   Snoring can be caused by many things, including sleep apnea, which is a serious condition. … Read more

Here’s an article in a recent Parade magazine that quotes a recent study in the professional journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.  The sy looked at 600 7-year-olds in New Zealand, and found that the average time to fall asleep was about 26 minutes.  However, for every hour of inactivity in the day, it took… Read more

More Magazine recently published an article entitled “Married, with Illness“.  It is full of examples of how husband and wives cope when one, or both, have a severe chronic illness.  Not surprisingly, this takes a tremendous toll on a marriage.  According to the article, 75% of such marriages end in divorce.  This is especially tragic… Read more

Chronic pain can severely impact  quality of life.  Many people who suffer from chronic pain think that nothing can be done to help them.  This is especially true if you have been in pain for months or years with no relief. What you may not know is that the sensation of pain is not only… Read more

Nobody wants to hear an ultrasound technician say “There’s something wrong with the baby”.  So many times, what follows next is a seemingly inescapable sequence of further testing, consultations, and a recommendation for an abortion because the baby will not survive.Most parents have not heard about the support available through perinatal hospice teams.  These groups… Read more

A friend sent me an email, which I have printed verbatim below.  I don’t know the author, so I can’t give credit, but I think  it is really important.  It’s written in the first person, and really describes women’s symptoms very well. In 2003, I lost a dear friend and colleague to a sudden heart… Read more

Image by Noël Zia Lee via FlickrHappy Independence Day! Today, like every day, can be a new beginning where we free ourselves from the unnecessary burdens we carry around. Are you carrying extra baggage? Old messages from the past. There can be a lot we store up from our childhoods, both good and bad. Positive… Read more

Here is a video every woman should watch. It describes inflammatory breast cancer, which presents very differently from “regular” breast cancer. And it’s very dangerous if not quickly diagnosed and treated. The Susan G. Komen website has a tremendous amount of information on breast cancer. Here is a link on IBC, or inflammatory breast cancer… Read more

Do these situations sound familiar to you? Sharon has had fibromyalgia for many years, although it was just recently diagnosed. Some days, it’s all she can do to get out of bed Joe was in an auto accident last year. The doctors say his injuries have healed, but his neck and back still hurt every… Read more