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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Until a couple of years ago, I had never heard of this.  Then I met a young woman who described in detail how agonizing it was for her to hear her family members chewing their food, or her fellow students cracking gum, or making any other sort of mouth noise.  The clicking of pens and… Read more

Every so often, it’s fun to re-visit topics that we have covered in the past.  We get frequent questions from new callers and current clients about hypnosis.  They wonder what it really is, and whether it can help with their particular problem.  They also wonder why it is important to see a licensed therapist who… Read more

Hypnosis is probably one of the most misunderstood therapy techniques of all time.  It’s not surprising, given that there are always stage entertainers who use hypnosis as part of their act, supposedly “forcing” people to quack like a duck and otherwise embarrass themselves. Hypnosis as used in therapy is so different from what is seen… Read more

Chronic pain can severely impact  quality of life.  Many people who suffer from chronic pain think that nothing can be done to help them.  This is especially true if you have been in pain for months or years with no relief. What you may not know is that the sensation of pain is not only… Read more

Do these situations sound familiar to you? Sharon has had fibromyalgia for many years, although it was just recently diagnosed. Some days, it’s all she can do to get out of bed Joe was in an auto accident last year. The doctors say his injuries have healed, but his neck and back still hurt every… Read more