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Seniors and aging

Recently I read a post that listed several great apps for phones to keep us all safe.  I had never heard of most of them, so it was pretty interesting to learn that my very own phone has a built-in feature that will text my “SOS list” simply by pressing the power button 3 times… Read more

Have you ever heard of a senior move manager? I hadn’t, until I read a great article in our local Acorn newspaper. It talks about the problems encountered when one’s aging parents need to move out of their home of many years, especially if they are currently far away from their adult children, making it… Read more

I had no idea that a simple urinary tract infection could mimic dementia symptoms in senior citizens.   A very interesting article in our local Simi Valley Acorn quotes Anna Treinkman, past president of the National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners, who said, “A sudden change in behavior is one of the best indicators of a… Read more

If you or a loved one is living with Parkinson’s Disease, you may want to check out Title Boxing Club in Newbury Park.  This gym is one of many across the country that offers the Boxing Against PD program.  It’s an exciting new way to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s, so please check it out… Read more

The Bible tells us to honor our father and mother, and that’s something that can get increasingly difficult as our parents age.  People are living longer and longer these days, and some of our beloved elderly aren’t necessarily physically or emotionally healthy.  It can be quite the challenge to help care for aging parents, and… Read more

Here’s a great post in our local Simi Valley Acorn on 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease… Read more

Anyone can struggle with depression. Seniors can be at especial risk, because of the many life changes that go along with advancing age, as well as other factors. Here’s a link to a great article with ideas on how to avoid and deal with depression for seniors. Let us know what you think… Read more

Recently I ran across a helpful article on how to distinguish those “senior moments” we all have from the much more serious memory problems of early Alzheimer’s disease.  I thought I’d share them here: If you forget where you left your keys, that is normal. However, if you find those keys and don’t know what… Read more

“Sundowning is a syndrome in which elders–particularly those with Alzheimer’s–tend to display high levels of activity, anxiety and agitation, sometimes accompanied by delirium, near the end of the day.”, says Carol Bradley Bursack, Editor-in-Chief of ElderCareLink. The site has a new post discussing a study which points to sundowning having a possible biological basis. The… Read more

Today I attended a talk at one of my professional associations on Understanding Dementia in the elderly. It was so informative that I wanted to share some of what I learned. The speaker, whose name escapes me just now, emphasized that dementia is a general condition, whereas Alzheimer’s is a specific form of dementia. He… Read more