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In our last post, we talked about how to change our thinking about goal-setting and goal-achievement.  These are time-tested ways that help us get to the results we want.  However, the simple truth about us as humans is that sometimes we don’t do what we want to do, or even what is good for us… Read more

Here we in the second week of the New Year.  How are your New Year’s resolutions progressing? If you’re like most people, you may have started strong, and are now having some trouble with consistency.  Or, you may still be gearing up to “get started”.  Either way, this is a great time of year to… Read more

Eventually in life we learn a few things. The things I’ve needed to learn are typically related to the idea that I’ve often got it backward. For instance , I’ve thought that God was testing me because I was trying to get closer to Him, instead of realizing that He was bringing me closer because… Read more

Whenever you eat chicken or beef, you’re probably also eating a side order of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Learn how to protect yourself by reading this great article first published in MORE magazine in March 2015 Source: Superbugs In Your Supper | MORE Magazine… Read more

This article made me glad my kids are grown and on their own, past those difficult teenage years.  If yours aren’t yet, you will definitely want to read this… Read more

Here’s a great commencement speech for graduates.  5 points, 5 minutes;  well worth your time! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/06/04/conservative-radio-hosts-commencement-address-offers-big-advice-on-common-sense-wisdom-and-judeo-christian-values/… Read more

This post is packed with wisdom for all of us. Read it and see which ones stick with you most! http://www.lifebuzz.com/10-lessons-from-navy-seal/#!S9SRm… Read more

NAMI California will have its annual conference on August 1 and 2, 2014 in Newport Beach, California.  The keynote speaker will be Mariel Hemingway, an advocate for mental health issues.  She has written several books on finding balance in one’s life.  In 2013, the rich and evocative documentary, Running From Crazy,  premiered at the Sundance Film… Read more

Some people would say that doing therapy is a strange way to earn a living. In many ways, they would be right. For starters, even though I am an active, outdoors-loving type of person, I sit…in a chair…in an office (very nice, with a window, but still..)….all day. Any working time not spent with clients… Read more

then here’s the inspiration… Read more

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is a great organization aimed at helping those with mental illness, and their families and friends, as well.  Their website is packed with useful information, and so is their newsletter.  Please check it out, and be sure to forward the information to anyone else you know who may need… Read more

This morning  a columnist in our local paper published a story on how beautiful it is to  watch his adult children become parents.  It is one of the most touching things I’ve read in a long time.  Every new life in this world is a blessing, no matter the circumstances.  I believe it is up… Read more

Are you ready to make some healthy changes in 2013? Then come join us at Activate Simi Valley, and make your New Year’s resolutions easier to stick with! Families Counseling will have a booth, staffed by Maureen Kaye, M.A. and Shiro Torquato, Ph.D. Activate Simi Valley is a free 8-week program sponsored by the Simi… Read more

Procrastination is a problem for many of us, sometimes to a minor degree, and sometimes to a life-crippling degree. Here’s a great blog post on a simple concept called “Clear To Neutral”. Take a look and let us know if it helps… Read more

On Memorial Day, here’s the story of Taps, the haunting bugle call played at military funerals.  Apparently, the words below are the lyrics, and the link source follows.  Never forget! Day is done, gone the sun, From the hills, from the lake, from the skies. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Go to… Read more

Not everyone needs to go college, and today’s job market is certainly demonstrating that a college degree is no guarantee of getting a job. What may surprise you is that many of the “trades” are desperately looking for skilled workers, and the wages these workers can earn are surprisingly high, especially after a certain amount… Read more

We are sorry to note the sudden passing of Dr. Chad Wilde, owner of Simi Pain Management Center here in Simi Valley.  He was a friend of our practice, and over the last few years we referred quite a few patients to each other.   Without exception, every patient who he referred spoke highly of him… Read more

I don’t often take up “causes” on this blog, but this one is too important.  I’m hoping that some of you readers are great at social networking, and will spread the word on the information below.  Here’s the bottom line:  credit card companies are able to keep their fraud losses at about 1% by using… Read more

I picked up a book from 2006 (that’s right, before the financial “meltdown”) called “The Number” by Lee Eisenberg. It was largely about how people tend not to plan properly for retirement, or about their finances in general. Very interesting, by the way, to see some of his points about excessive personal debt and related… Read more

These days, everyone can use some advice on how to better manage their money.  Today’s Personal Finance section had a great column by Kathy Kristof, listing some valuable personal finance blogs.  Here are some of the links she provided, plus one to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Personal Finance Firewall , with a post… Read more

The devastation in Haiti is almost too much to comprehend.  As with so many disasters, including the Indonesia’s tsunami in 2004, and our own attack of 9/11/2001, the endless news coverage can be quite traumatic for children. Here is an excellent article, posted on Psychology Today, on how to help your children cope.  Be sure… Read more

Here’s a great reading that was circulating on a therapist email list I belong to.  Hope you like it.  If anyone knows the author, please let me know so I can give credit to them. To me, this encapsulates the idea of  “loving detachment” that we all may be called upon to use, when we… Read more

Do you know how to fail? Americans seems to have an ingrained script that all failure is bad. We like to see ourselves on a continual growth chart, always moving upward, with no setbacks. That’s part of why tougher economic times, like our present situation, can seem like a terrible aberration, something that should not… Read more

Do you find yourself spending more time in front of a computer than you’d like? I know I do, and how to break away from that will be the subject of another post … that I will write in front of a computer screen. Hmmm. However, I notice that I use a computer for tasks… Read more

Fall is officially here, finally, even in Southern California. The air is cooler, we’ve had one bad fire already, daylight savings time is over, and now it’s even rained! It must be fall, which means that Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is on its way. Later in the month, more people will be talking about… Read more