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Change your words, change your feelings

I came across a great article in the latest Runner’s World by Kristin Armstrong.  Unfortunately I can’t find it online to link to it.  She writes a motivational column, and this month’s focused on the “inner chatter” we all have.

She is a busy mom, speaker, author and runner.  She was writing about how the perennial “to do” list we all have tends to sound like this:  “I have to …. take the kids to school, finish this project, buy groceries, get some exercise”.  You get the idea.  One day while running, she was thinking “I have to get up this hill”.    Then her thoughts shifted to friends who were ill or struggling in different ways, and how much they would love the opportunity to be chugging up that hill.  They would be saying, “I get to run up this hill!” with great enthusiasm.

So it inspired her to try thinking that way… I get to … pick up the kids, clean the house, make a meal for my family, go out for a run .  Like all new habits, it felt awkward at first, but it soon became much more natural.  And with this shift in thinking came a shift in perspective, a deep feeling of gratitude for the everyday pleasures that are there in each of our days, and yes, even in our tasks.

What do you get to do today?

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