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Christian and struggling in your marriage? Try Fireproof

My clients are always more on top of popular books and movies that I am, so I hear about some great ones, but it takes me awhile to get to them.

Several clients in the last couple of months have told be about Fireproof. My husband and I finally watched this last night, and we really enjoyed it. It is a great movie to watch if you are struggling in your marriage, and even if you aren’t. Great for new couples, great for couples who have been together a long time, just really great.

It’s a movie with a strong Christian theme, but if you’re not Christian, don’t let that throw you. It’s got great drama, fires, burning buildings, rescues, firehouse humor (don’t drink the Tabasco!), and a wonderful father-adult son relationship. I really enjoyed it!

Here’s the trailer

If you decide you want to buy it, and / or the companion book, here’s some links

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    Glad you like the blog. We’re not doing guest writers right now, but I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for your interest!

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