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Clutter control — time to get organized!

Clutter in a closetThere’s something about fall.  It brings out the organizer in me, and most especially the urge to clean things out.  Maybe it’s because the holidays are approaching, or perhaps it’s simply that the crisp weather is so energizing.

At any rate, here are some great ideas for coping with clutter.  (Here’s a bit of self-disclosure:  I had tasked myself with writing this post for several weeks, maybe longer, so I get to check it off my list.  Voila, less list-clutter!)

Here’s a great post on conquering clutter that reminds us to be kind to ourselves as well.

Here’s another post on organizing, with lots of great links

Finally, here’s another “10 Commandments of Clutter” in pdf form.  (Yes, I know it has a typo.  I didn’t write it, but I thought it was great for those who like to print things out.)

The PDF comes from an author of an old classic on de-cluttering. Take a look at her book here, if you like.

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