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From Resolutions to Goals — How to Get There

I was reading Fast Company magazine, and came across an interesting article on why New Year’s resolutions so often fail. (Click on this post’s title to see the article.) We all love the fresh, energized feeling of stating our latest resolution, but so often, that’s where it ends. The article made a really interesting point, stating, “Add publicity and accountability to a resolution, and you get a goal.” Apparently, all it takes to make our resolutions work is getting real with our brains about how, exactly, we will be achieving our resolution.

The article quotes a study about students who were given an assignment to write about how they spent their Christmas Eve … due on December 26th! In the control group, only about a third of students turned the paper in. But when a second group was asked, as they were given the assignment, to visualize how, where and when they would complete, 75% of them ended up turning it in. Getting specific makes all the difference.

So, if you’re making New Year’s resolutions, quick, sit down and spell out how, where and when you will accomplish them. You may end very happy with the result!

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