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Are you a “highly sensitive person”? Here’s a self-test (and resources!)

Calm: This WayIn my many years of practice, I have encountered quite a few people who don’t realize that they are what is called “a highly sensitive person”.  What does this mean?  It means that some people have a nervous system that is more easily over-whelmed by too much stimulation.  They don’t like too much of anything, be it sensations, intensity, sounds, flavors, interactions…you name it.  And they need downtime more than other people, in part to “recover” from the stress that our over-stimulating world can cause.

If any of this sounds like you, here’s a self-test you can take, on a great website devoted to this topic.

If you think it describes your child, there’s a test for that too.  And if you’re reading the above paragraph thinking, “What?  I’m the complete opposite.  I thrive on “too much” stimulation!”, well, it turns out there’s a name, and a self-test, for that.  It’s called “High Sensation Seeking”, and refers to your basic adrenaline junkie.

I loved finding out about this concept.  I don’t completely fit into this “category”, but I’m definitely closer to “highly sensitive” than to “adrenaline junkie”.    See what you think!

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