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Job hunting for college grads

Graduation GirlIt’s not too soon for prospective college grads to begin their job hunt. We’ve pulled together several good articles that will help you in your quest. Above all, don’t get discouraged! There are jobs out there, but they have to be found. If you find a company for whom you’d like to work, don’t discard the possibility of starting at the bottom and working up. And take this beginning process as a time to network, network, network. And if you don’t yet have a LinkedIn account, open one. This is Facebook for grownups in the business world, and it is an absolute necessity.

If you want to keep track of all your contacts, and their social media profiles, in a different way, try Nimble, which is free to try and stays free for the personal version. (disclosure — affiliate link — we make a little!)

Here’s some good info to read, and please let us know what you think.




Also, if you are completely unsure about where to even start, or what you might want to do, you’ll benefit greatly from taking a few minutes to do a high quality vocational test. Take a look at our post about it here. It’s very inexpensive, and will give you some useful information with only about 30 minutes investment of your time.



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