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Parenting class for parents of children age 3 to 9

Help Your Child Succeed in School,and in Life!

Chi1d-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) Training for Parents of  3-to-9-Year Olds.  A strong parent-child relationship is the foundation for your child’s future success. However, the demands of parenting often leave parents feeling frustrated, out-of-control, and with little time to focus on relationship quality.

Leonore Schuetz, MS, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, is offering Child-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) classes this spring. Learn skills and techniques proven highly effective for helping parents communicate with and discipline their children more effectively. This play-based approach not only helps parents learn to manage their children’s behavior successfully, it also provides parents with the keys to enhancing and strengthening the parent-child bond and having more fun with their children.

To learn more about how this program can help you and your child, please call Leonore Schuetz, MS, MFT, Registered Play Therapist at 805-583-3976 ext. 34. Limited enrollment. Call today to reserve your spot.

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