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The Secret to Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People

It pays to clean off my desk.  I found a great post on how to deal with those people who drive us all crazy — passive/aggressive people.  And it even points out that the passive-aggressive person isn’t getting their needs met, either.

It gives a nice list of passive-aggressive behaviors:

  • Sarcasm
  • The silent treatment
  • Withholding of intimacy
  • Withholding of praise
  • Being critical
  • Sabotage
  • Running late
  • Not doing something that’s asked of him/her

and some great ways to cope:

  • Identify the behavior for what it is: hostility
  • Set limits — and then follow through
  • Talk specifically — not generally
  • Practice assertive communication

Finally, the author suggests what we can do if we find ourselves being passive-aggressive:

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Recognize it is self-sabotage
  • Confront your fear of conflict and anger
  • Finally, figure out what you want, and learn to communicate it

These are some great pointers.  Click here to read the entire article.

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