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Something’s wrong with the pregnancy — perinatal hospice

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Nobody wants to hear an ultrasound technician say “There’s something wrong with the baby”.  So many times, what follows next is a seemingly inescapable sequence of further testing, consultations, and a recommendation for an abortion because the baby will not survive.Most parents have not heard about the support available through perinatal hospice teams.  These groups of doctors, nurses, chaplains and others help support mothers through the process of allowing the pregnancy to continue to its natural conclusion.  There may be no escaping a sad outcome, but going through the grieving process in this way feels right to many couples.

A great article on this from a Christian point of view  can be read at Dr. Matt Anderson’s blog .  The article was also published in  World Magazine , which is a great news magazine reporting on world and US events from a Christian point of view.

To read more about perinatal hospices, visit the organization’s webpage.

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