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In September 2006 (nearly 10 years ago) I presented a seminar to the Conejo Valley Mental Health Professionals Association at the Sherwood Country Club. A few weeks later an article appeared in the Acorn newspaper entitled “Demystifying Sensory Dysfunction” that summarized the seminar. The article pointed out how children, teens and even adults may have this… Read more

Recently I read an article in Psychology Today that discussed a simple change in how we talk to ourselves.  It seems that if we are in the habit of using the first person “I” as we talk ourselves through a situation, we raise our anxiety levels.  If we use the third person, our names, we… Read more

So many clients have asked about group therapy for social anxiety, general anxiety and other related issues.  Here is some info on a new group starting up in Camarillo.  If you contact them, please let us know what your experience is like. ADULT SKILLS GROUP for individuals struggling with OCD and Anxiety issues. The goals… Read more

A while back I wrote a letter to doctors who refer to me, explaining what happens when they refer a patient for anxiety.  Here’s the letter, with some additional thoughts below. My general treatment plan for…..anxiety When you refer a patient for anxiety, chances are that they are experiencing symptoms severe enough to cause at… Read more

Harper’s Bazaar has a great article on how one woman overcame her chronic anxiety. See if its tips can help you or someone you love… Read more

Today’s Ventura County Star as a great article called Feeling Fear Now … (Or Later?).  It’s based on a recently released study from the Mayo Clinic that concludes that children who avoid anxiety producing situations end up more anxious later on.  What’s your opinion… Read more

Recently I ran across an article in the Los Angeles Times that may be of interest if you have a child who has suddenly shown symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or tics.  It’s important to state that although the article explores possible connections between strep throat infections and the sudden onset of OCD symptoms… Read more

There’s a new song making the rounds that is supposed to be “the most relaxing sound of all time”.  Wikipedia says, On October 16th 2011, Marconi Union created an eight minute track, ‘Weightless’ [6] in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. In a scientific study commisioned by Radox, it was labelled as the… Read more

Are you anxious? Not everyone experiences anxiety in the same way, so it’s not surprising that some anxiety management techniques work for some and not for others. Recently I found an old handout lying around the office, with no source quoted, so I apologize in advance to the original author. It talks about 3 “symptom… Read more

There’s a new long-term study out from Timothy Monk of the University of Pittsburgh that concludes that babies who have consistent wake and sleep times, play periods, and regular intervals between meals, will have less anxiety about new situations and environments as they get older.  He studied 59  1-month old babies, and followed them for… Read more

There are some wonderful breathing techniques that can quickly help relieve some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you may be familiar with them.  If not, give this one a try and see if it helps.  It’s a great idea to practice this when you are not… Read more

Image via WikipediaI just came from a great lecture by Mark Waldman on spirituality and neuroscience. What we are learning about how the brain works is so amazing! Thanks to imaging studies, we can see what parts of the brain “light up” or are activated as we experience different thoughts and emotions. This information is… Read more

Image by DanielJames via FlickrI just came from a great lecture on mindfulness and neuroscience. I learned a lot, which I’ll be sharing. Here’s a great quick idea to use for anxiety. Try yawning, on purpose, for at least 60 seconds. Two or three minutes is even better. What do you notice? Yawning turns out… Read more

At certain times, we all suffer from fears, anxiety and phobias. Learning about how our brains create and deal with fear, and what to do about it, can really help. Fears, phobias and anxiety — What are they? Our brains and bodies are “wired” to protect us. When we encounter something that we think might… Read more