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We are well into the holiday season, past Thanksgiving (which seems forever ago), heading into Christmas. The countdown is on, there’s not enough time, there’s so much to do. But wait, we do want to slow down and enjoy the season, right? But what is the reason for the season? It may really vary, depending… Read more

We all love the holidays, but we don’t love the stress they bring.  Actually, we create some of the stress ourselves, while some can’t be avoided.  What to do?  If you can’t change some things, change the things you can.  Here are some ideas; you may have more — please feel free to share. Take… Read more

Take a look at this heart-warming column by Joe Howry in our local Ventura County Star. It’s titled “Christmas Through the Eyes of an an 11 year old” . Not only did it bring back memories of when my boys were little, it also brought back memories of when I was little. Now that’s saying… Read more

Well, I got my holiday spirit and, as I should have know, the secret is in the people. I just hadn’t been able to feel that happy, excited feeling that I used to feel before Christmas, and I really missed it. Granted, it’s an easy feeling to have when you have small children. Their excitement… Read more

This is hard to admit, but it seems that for the last few years I’ve had to work a bit to enjoy the holidays. It seems that every year the buying season starts earlier, and that every year it takes me longer to get into the “Christmas spirit”. I’ve asked myself why, and I think… Read more