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Money is one of the most argued about topics for many couples.  It’s also a topic that many people like to avoid, so it’s not surprise that couples may date, get engaged, and even marry without having any significant conversation about how they view and handle money. Watching our parents deal (or not) with financial… Read more

According to the well-respected website Smart Marriages, the number one predictor of divorce for couples is “avoidance of conflict”.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  If a couple knows how to resolve conflicts, then they can solve just about any problem.  If they don’t, then even the smallest problems build up. Learning how… Read more

Sue Johnson is a researcher and author in the field of couples’ therapy, and the developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  She is very well regarded by professionals, and is also the author of “Hold Me Tight”, a great book for couples seeking to deepen their emotional connection. In a recent Psychology Today article, she… Read more

Nobody likes to argue, but if we need to have a argument, it certainly helps to have some conflict resolution skills.  Everyone can benefit from learning how to “fight fair” — couples, family members, co-workers — all of us can benefit from better skills. The link for “Fighting Fair to Resolve Conflict” is from The… Read more