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The Family Research Council has a very sobering article online from 2012 that surveys the research about the various effects of divorce on children. It is definitely worth a read. You can go directly to the post at www.tiny.cc/childrenofdivorce . The article just reinforces what we already know, that divorce is something to be avoided… Read more

There’s a great internet resource for material on how to improve your marriage at the website SmartMarriages.com.  It is definitely worth your time to take a look.  There is info for couples thinking about marriage, like premarital questionnaires and wedding sermons.  You’ll find tons of resources for skills on how to improve your marriage, and… Read more

Divorce is never a happy thing, and all too often going through the process of divorce can exponentially add to the pain, damage and financial costs of splitting up. Something to consider is the process of mediation. There are professional mediators who are very experienced in helping divorcing couples come to agreement about how to… Read more

Here are some questions that often come up when dealing with divorce.  If you are in the process of recovering from divorce, considering divorce, or trying to help your children live with divorce, we hope that you find some useful information here.   If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office.  You… Read more