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Life can be difficult, and sometimes we get discouraged. So often, our attitude is the result of how we think and on what we choose to focus. Here are seven rules for having a better attitude. Wait to Worry.  What were you worried about last year?  Did any of it really happen?  There are a… Read More

I came across a great article in the latest Runner’s World by Kristin Armstrong.  Unfortunately I can’t find it online to link to it.  She writes a motivational column, and this month’s focused on the “inner chatter” we all have. She is a busy mom, speaker, author and runner.  She was writing about how the… Read More

Are you ready to say good-bye to 2009?  It seems like it’s been a tough year.  In all my years of practice as a therapist, I have never seen so many clients hit hard by financial problems as in this year.  It seemed to come from all sides.  Many lost jobs, others found their businesses… Read More

Fall is officially here, finally, even in Southern California. The air is cooler, we’ve had one bad fire already, daylight savings time is over, and now it’s even rained! It must be fall, which means that Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is on its way. Later in the month, more people will be talking about… Read More

Is happiness a habit? Some researchers think so, and there is a lot of science to back it up. We are learning so much about the brain, and how it works. One really important finding is that habitual thoughts and behaviors create specific neural connections, and the more we think and behave that way, the… Read More