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Here is an interesting article on the NAMI website.  If you or someone you know suffers from insomnia, it’s important to seek out both a medical evaluation and also therapy to help resolve the problem… Read more

Here’s an article in a recent Parade magazine that quotes a recent study in the professional journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.  The sy looked at 600 7-year-olds in New Zealand, and found that the average time to fall asleep was about 26 minutes.  However, for every hour of inactivity in the day, it took… Read more

In a study reviewed in May 2009 on the Psychcentral.org site, a diagnosis of ADHD in childhood was linked with sleep problems in teenagers.  This was found to be true even if the teens were not currently showing symptoms of ADHD. The sleep problems found included insomnia, sleep terrors, nightmares, teeth grinding and snoring. As… Read more

As promised, here is a summary of some very useful tips for better sleep, as published in The Psychotherapy Networker, March / April 2008 edition, vol. 32, no. 2, pg 37.1. Pay attention to your daily rhythms — make sure you get some exposure to sunlight every day, especially morning sun. This tells your body… Read more

Do you have a problem sleeping? According to a recent issue of Psychotherapy Networker, somewhere between 9 and 30 % of the population has trouble sleeping. This isn’t a new problem, but it may be an increasing one. Some of the reasons may surprise you. Naturally, stress, worry, and pain will tend to keep us… Read more