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Money is one of the most argued about topics for many couples.  It’s also a topic that many people like to avoid, so it’s not surprise that couples may date, get engaged, and even marry without having any significant conversation about how they view and handle money. Watching our parents deal (or not) with financial… Read more

Well, your “family fiscal year” just ended, and a new one has begun. Are you pleased with your “profit and loss statement”? How about your “balance sheet”? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read on! Your personal finances are really no different than those of a business. You have income, you have expenses… Read more

I just read a great column in today’s Ventura County Star about a fun and easy way to take a look at your attitudes about money.  Syble Solomon, who gives lectures on the psychology of money, has created a deck of cards called “Money Habitudes” that individuals, couples and groups can use to understand how… Read more

I picked up a book from 2006 (that’s right, before the financial “meltdown”) called “The Number” by Lee Eisenberg. It was largely about how people tend not to plan properly for retirement, or about their finances in general. Very interesting, by the way, to see some of his points about excessive personal debt and related… Read more

These days, everyone can use some advice on how to better manage their money.  Today’s Personal Finance section had a great column by Kathy Kristof, listing some valuable personal finance blogs.  Here are some of the links she provided, plus one to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Personal Finance Firewall , with a post… Read more