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new year

I’ve been waiting for New Year’s Day for quite some time, I realize. 2012 has been a rough one in multiple ways, for my family and for so many others, and I know I’ve been waiting for the calendar to flip over. Surely 2013 will be better, I’ve thought. But 2012 was also full of… Read more

Are you ready to say good-bye to 2009?  It seems like it’s been a tough year.  In all my years of practice as a therapist, I have never seen so many clients hit hard by financial problems as in this year.  It seemed to come from all sides.  Many lost jobs, others found their businesses… Read more

Does it seem to you that times are changing, and maybe not for the better, at least for now? So many people I talk to seem frightened and unsure of what is going on, in the economy, in the world, and even in their immediate lives. The winds of change do seem to be blowing… Read more

Happy New Year! Would it be New Year’s, at least to a therapist, without talking about making New Year’s resolutions? Well, it might be, but I’ll write about it anyway. We all know that making New Year’s resolutions is often an exercise in futility. We look back on the past year, feel badly about what… Read more

Since it’s a fresh new year, seems like it might be time to add a new feature to our web page. I’ve been mulling over for some time how to be more regular with our newsletter. My goal has been to publish it quarterly, but it never seems to happen. One month leads into the… Read more