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There’s a new long-term study out from Timothy Monk of the University of Pittsburgh that concludes that babies who have consistent wake and sleep times, play periods, and regular intervals between meals, will have less anxiety about new situations and environments as they get older.  He studied 59  1-month old babies, and followed them for… Read More

Help Your Child Succeed in School,and in Life! Chi1d-Parent-Relationship (C-P-R) Training for Parents of  3-to-9-Year Olds.  A strong parent-child relationship is the foundation for your child’s future success. However, the demands of parenting often leave parents feeling frustrated, out-of-control, and with little time to focus on relationship quality. Leonore Schuetz, MS, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist… Read More

If you think the term bully refers only to the “mean kid” at school, think again. These days, bullying has risen to a whole new level, thanks to the internet, cell phones, and our whole “wired-in” mentality. Because words spread like wildfire over the internet, cyber-bullying is a far more damaging phenomenon than that “mean… Read More

We keep reading more and more about how seemingly minor head injuries can cause major trauma to the brain.  At the risk of offending the entire football playing community of parents, I am posting this link to Time Magazine’s article from 1/28/10. It talks at length about the long-lasting problems that cumulative concussions can cause. … Read More

Here’s a link to a post that was being share on one of my therapist email lists recently. http://www.drmomma.org/2009/12/crying-it-out-causes-brain-damage.html For us “old moms” it can be upsetting to wonder if we caused damage by letting our children cry.  I can’t remember too many events where that was true, but one in particular stands out.  I… Read More

The devastation in Haiti is almost too much to comprehend.  As with so many disasters, including the Indonesia’s tsunami in 2004, and our own attack of 9/11/2001, the endless news coverage can be quite traumatic for children. Here is an excellent article, posted on Psychology Today, on how to help your children cope.  Be sure… Read More

Time Magazine just published a great article called “The Case Against Over-Parenting” . Really interesting article that discusses the unintended consequences of parents trying to protect kids from more than is possible. Your comments… Read More

Here’s an article in a recent Parade magazine that quotes a recent study in the professional journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.  The sy looked at 600 7-year-olds in New Zealand, and found that the average time to fall asleep was about 26 minutes.  However, for every hour of inactivity in the day, it took… Read More

In this final article, let’s take a look at what helps a young adult assume the necessary responsibilities of adulthood.  Most teenagers like to focus on the privileges they assume they’ll have once they turn 18.They often think that their parents will remove all curfews, let them go wherever they want, and in general become… Read More

In my last post, I took the position that it is getting harder and harder for some young adults to successfully “launch”; that is, to move out of their parents’ house and become independent.   I state that there are two main areas where parents have gotten off track.  One  is regarding helping their children plan… Read More

I keep reading articles these days on how the “new normal” is for young adults to remain financially and emotionally independent on their parents, long into their twenties.  The articles quote studies showing how much more common this is, and give lots of reasons why this should be so.  They go on to cite positive… Read More

I love it when clients recommend books! There is nothing like someone who has experienced a situation to recognize good advice when they see it. So here is a recommendation for women who are step-mothers. I haven’t yet read it myself, but the reviews on Amazon from actual readers are strongly positive. As of today… Read More

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. Laurence J. Peter, US educator & writer (1919 – 1988) Parenting is the most important job in the world. Sometimes, we try so hard to learn how to be good parents that we forget what the main goals of parenting… Read More