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If you know a young adult or teen who is having difficulties, please call Jeff Kropp, LMFT # 40226, at Families Counseling, 805-583-3976, x 777. Individual, group, family and parent counseling is available… Read more

Below you’ll find a link to a great article that summarizes Dr. Dan Siegel’s new book on understanding teen behavior, entitled “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain”.    He always writes great books that explain how our brains influence our development and behavior, and this one is no exception. The article, entitled… Read more

I saw this in several places, and thought it important enough to post a link from Yahoo. If you have teenage children, or know any, please read this and pass it on!  Apparently there is a new synthetic hallucinogenic out there call 2C-1 or “Smiles”.  From user accounts it sounds very frightening, and there are also… Read more

It seems that I hear from more and more teens who have great difficulty falling asleep until 1, 2 or 3 am in the morning, which of course then disrupts their school attendance and performance.  I ask them all the obvious questions.  How’s your diet, especially regarding sugar and caffeine?  Do you get some regular… Read more

Here is a post by Shiro Perera Torquato, Ph.D. on teens, grades and motivation Many parents believe that they can “motivate” their teenager to earn better grades in school by taking away things and activities they enjoy.  For example, a parent might restrict the privileges of watching TV, playing video games, and using a computer… Read more

This is a tough time to be a teen or young adult.  If you are a parent, you probably remember how easy it was to find a part-time or summer job.  And for those of us who went to college, the sky was the limit!  Once we got that diploma, there was no end to… Read more

Do you know about MDPV? It’s the acronym for methylenedioxypyrovalerone or mephedrone.  What’s that?  These are ingredients in legal, easy to buy stimulant hallucinogens that can kill, directly or indirectly. Their street names are “bath salts” or “plant food” because that’s what hey look like, and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) hasn’t gotten around to… Read more

If you think the term bully refers only to the “mean kid” at school, think again. These days, bullying has risen to a whole new level, thanks to the internet, cell phones, and our whole “wired-in” mentality. Because words spread like wildfire over the internet, cyber-bullying is a far more damaging phenomenon than that “mean… Read more

In a study reviewed in May 2009 on the Psychcentral.org site, a diagnosis of ADHD in childhood was linked with sleep problems in teenagers.  This was found to be true even if the teens were not currently showing symptoms of ADHD. The sleep problems found included insomnia, sleep terrors, nightmares, teeth grinding and snoring. As… Read more