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Here in Ventura County, people have been through a lot.  The terrible shooting at Borderline, immediately followed the Woolsey and Hills fires; so much trauma, so much loss, so much grief, so much sadness.  And of course, many people have had trauma in their lives for a long time, well before these incidents.  With trauma… Read more

Many clients come to therapists reporting that they have severe, persistent pain after traumatic events, like car accidents or sexual assaults.  Many times their pain doesn’t seem to be related in a physical way to the event itself, and often doctors will discount it or think that the patient is exaggerating their pain. A new… Read more

Have you heard of the ACES study?  It’s a study that began in 1994 that looked at Adverse Childhood Experiences and their relationship to current physical health.  The results are sobering,  and point to the need for treatment of childhood trauma, even when we are adults. An Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) is defined as experiencing… Read more

Many people will be impacted by the horror of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  What makes this especially difficult is that many of the wounded and witnesses are from outside the Boston area.  Right now, and in weeks to come, there will be trauma treatment professionals available in Boston to help people who are… Read more

I love it when regular media writes really great articles about different aspects of therapy.  Today’s Los Angeles Times has a great overview of some mind / body approaches to therapy, all in one place.  Please take a look at it and let us know what you think!  … Read more

A recent newspaper article described some apps that veterans and others who suffer from PTSD can use just by reaching for their cellphones. They sound as they would be useful for anyone with PTSD or other anxiety issues. Here’s a list of the apps’ websites Breathe2Relax Mood Tracker PTSD Coach Full disclaimer:  I haven’t tried… Read more

The devastation in Haiti is almost too much to comprehend.  As with so many disasters, including the Indonesia’s tsunami in 2004, and our own attack of 9/11/2001, the endless news coverage can be quite traumatic for children. Here is an excellent article, posted on Psychology Today, on how to help your children cope.  Be sure… Read more

If you’ve wondered what it feels like to be a soldier dealing with PTSD, read Time Magazine’s article on the subject. Very informative… Read more

This month’s issue of Psychology Today has a great article on dealing with depression entitled “Good Morning, Heartache”. I think the key take-away concept is that, because depression has a variety of causes even in one individual, the long-term treatment of depression requires a variety of tools. The article describes the need for some combination… Read more

John Grohol noted this month on his PsychCentral blog some research that suggests that playing Tetris could possibly help prevent PTSD after witness traumatic events.Tetris Inoculation Against PTSD Flashbacks – World of PsychologyThe study he cites looked concluded that what might be happening is that playing this particular type of game uses the same areas… Read more

Brain research is telling us some amazing things. When I was in graduate school, we were taught that brain development was largely complete by about age 3. We knew that children could learn in much more flexible ways than adults, but that even so, their brain structures were all in place and other than perhaps… Read more