Coping with Grief and Loss

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If you are mourning the death of a loved one, it helps to  know that you are not alone.  The process of healing takes time. There is no "right way" to go through it, and no time-table as when you "should" start feeling better.  Grief is a natural reaction to any important loss, and not something that needs to be fixed or rushed.

If you find that you are having a tough time, it can help to talk with a therapist, who can listen and be there just for you on the journey back to a sense of wholeness.  Sometimes family members or friends may be concerned for you, and if so, visiting a therapist may be a good idea to see if there are ways to help ease the process of grieving.  Sometimes what helps the most is having a place to just experience and express your feelings, whatever they may be, without having to worry about anyone else's reaction.

I have worked with clients who are healing from loss for over 25 years.  I have specialized training in dealing with death and dying.  More important than experience or training, I think, is that I know that grieving takes time.  For many, it is a life-long process.  With time, it gets easier, and life begins to get better, but it's very hard work.  If you would like assistance during this time, please call me at 805-583-3976 x 333. If you prefer, you may contact me via email. . 

For those who would like to see information, you can view a copy of my brochure on grief.  If your loss has caused you suffer from symptoms of PTSD, please read more about trauma, EMDR and hypnotherapy, which are specialized techniques we can discuss if you are interested.

I hope this information is helpful.  Please call our office if you have more questions.


Deborah Tucker, M.A.
Licensed marriage and family therapist
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